Oh NBA, how I love thee so.

Anyone else watch Bama vs. ND? Didn’t think so. (Go Ducks. Sup with chu Chip Kelly) The real powerhouse match up was KG vs Melo. As much of a Blazer homer as I am, I actually own both these jerseys:

1) Garnett: Because KG on the Timberswolves was ridiculous (he was 90% of the reason I drank milk as a child)

2) Melo: Because sometimes I like to get my coach(es) fired. And remember that ridiculous gum that came out when Melo was drafted? Sweet. Oh. Eff? That’s Lebron? I swear Melo had a Bubblicious line too.

On to the comic. I can’t wait for the next match up, March 26th, it’s going to be a blood bath. Neither could Quentin Tarantino.melo-kg-knicks-celtics

PS. Melo. Too much aggression. Watch Lebron demonstrating the correct way to react to KG:

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